Deathloop Fristad Bunker | How to Access Intelligence Archives

Deathloop is full of different secrets and places to explore. The Fristad Bunker is just one of them! This place is already kind of tricky to head through, and before you know it, you’re stuck at a secret door. The Fristad Bunker Intelligence Archives is locked behind no less than three different codes! This is frustrating, but you can either find the notes to get through over the course of a few loops… Or, we can help you bust in there and loot the room easily. If you’re good with getting in there right away, then read on!

How to Access Intelligence Archives in Deathloop

How to Access the Intelligence Archives in Deathloop

In order to access the Fristad Bunker Intelligence Archives, you’ll need to head to three places: H26 Updaam (next to Otto’s workshop) in the morning, M13 Karl’s Bay (left of Harriet’s Hangar), and R33 Fristad Rock (on a desk in Fristad Bunker). The Updaam location will require you to listen to a hacked Radio in the Bunker, which will tell you how many times you need to ring the bell in each area. Write down how many times you need to ring the bell to gain access to each area, and then you’ll have the three codes needed to open the dor.

These codes are unfortunately randomized based on the game; you’ll need to collect the notes in order to get to them. The number of times you’ll need to ring the doorbell is similarly randomized. Pay attention to that radio!

Inside of the archives is a bunch of information, including ways to access other locations. You’ll also receive two strong pistols in a crank-able safe. The pistols alone make this area important to access; you can tear through people with good use of these weapons. They aren’t as impressive as the Gold Tier guns you can collect via quests, but, they are certainly worth their weight in a fight.

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