Deathloop Game Pass | Is It On Xbox and PC?

Deathloop is the latest PlayStation exclusive game, due for release later this month. Rather than an out-and-out console exclusive, this is a timed release – meaning in a year or so, you’ll be able to play Deathloop on Xbox consoles. If you’re a Game Pass subscriber wondering if you’ll be able to access Deathloop when its PlayStation exclusivity ends, fear not – we’ve got everything you’ll need to know.

Is Deathloop Coming To Game Pass?

Game Pass

Currently, we don’t know if Deathloop will release on Game Pass for Xbox consoles and PC. This is because as a timed PlayStation 5 and PC exclusive, it won’t release on Xbox Series X|S until September 2022. By that point, it’s likely that Microsoft will provide more details.

At this moment, though, Deathloop is not on Game Pass, and won’t be for at least a year. While the PS5 exclusivity is in order for the next twelve months, it won’t be anywhere near their rival’s subscription service. However, there is a good chance that after this exclusivity ends, it’ll arrive there.

That’s because Deathloop is developed by Arkane Lyon, a studio owned by Bethesda – who, of course, are owned by Microsoft. Effectively, then, they’re a first-party Microsoft studio – meaning it would be foolish of them not to launch Deathloop on Game Pass. It also seems like this game will mark the end of Arkane’s relationship with Sony, as their next game Redfall is an Xbox console exclusive.

With the competition between PlayStation and Xbox so fierce, it seems unlikely that Sony would relinquish an inch of their control over Deathloop – at least until the exclusivity runs out. After that, it’s fair game for Microsoft. As the product of a Microsoft-owned studio, you can almost guarantee it will hit Game Pass one day. However, that is at least a year off in the future, so prepare for a long wait.