Deceive Inc. Review | A Stylistic Competition Between Spies

Competitive gaming remains at a relatively high point with hero-based PvP affairs being among the most popular. For those looking for another option, you’ve got Deceive Inc. by Sweet Bandits. This online multiplayer competitive game has you playing as one of several spy heroes across a number of locations. As a member of an infiltration team, you’ll act from a first-person perspective to make your way through various areas, hacking and collecting data while fighting off enemy agents. Use complementary skills and weapons to make sure your team gets away with the package with as much intel and as many members as possible.

What is Deceive Inc.?

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It makes it easier to apply for a job when the company makes its intentions known right from the start. With a name like Deceive Inc., it’s pretty clear what you’re in for with them. You play as one of several established spies trained in all the necessary parts to do a good job. You’ll be part of a team as you infiltrate hotels, facilities, and more all in the name of gathering intel and extracting the top-secret package. There are other spy agencies out there also in the game, but it’s all about making sure you and your team come out on top.

The Perks of The Job

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Many people have fantasized about being a spy and it’s important to capture the fun and excitement of such a fantasy. Deceive Inc. manages to do this and makes it colorful. As a hero-based PvP game, it has a lot to compete with but is able to stand out. The most notable aspect is the fun spy aesthetic that came with the first spy movies and has recently become a much more serious tone. The whole game feels like a campy and energetic adventure taking place in a time when adventure was bright and spy work was depicted as cool and entertaining.

The whole premise of the game works well and is executed effectively. The main gameplay modes have you playing on a team or free for all against every other player. It’s a mix of stealth and action as you want to get things done quickly without drawing too much attention. If you go the stealth route, it’s all about strategic movement, intel gathering, and disguise alteration to get where you need to go as efficiently as possible. If you go the guns-blazing route, it all comes down to your skill, but you can use it to draw out opponents while you deal with security NPCs. Or you can mix both, all depending on what phase of the mission you’re in, and how you want to end it.

The stars of this type of game are the heroes. While it doesn’t have the largest roster, there are four distinct classes with enough characters in each. What makes each one different is the weapon they carry, their acting ability, and their passive ability. They’re all tailored towards something different favoring either stealth or action so it’s up to what you favor.

The Deceive Inc. Scandals

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When you have a spy agency, it would make sense that scandals would come with the territory with some being more harmful than expected. With Deceive Inc., there are certain issues that it’s unable to sweep under the rug. A major one is a trial-and-error approach to missions and objectives. Although you’re able to highlight points of interest, it’s unclear what state each one is in until you actually see it for yourself. This means you stand to lose a lot of time by going after a terminal that far away only to discover that it’s either not there or has already been hacked by a different spy. You will get alerts based on what’s happening overall, but without certain conditions, you’ll need to fill in the dots yourself.

Then there is the matchmaking and how the rounds play out. During play, you only get one chance. There’s no respawning so if you’re playing Solo with only several other players if you get killed, the game is over for you and you have to look for another one. Not only is the process kinda slow, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a different map. It’s possible to play the same map three times in a row which gets boring quickly.

Applying For Work

Deceive Inc. is a PvP hero game about a spy that needs to extract a package from a variety of secure locations. It has the fun and bouncy feel of classic spy media while still being a nice mix of stealth and action. The matchmaking could use some tweaking with more opportunities to continue in the same match, and a more reliable way to avoid wasting time chasing ghosts. If you still want to be a spy, you could send a resume to Deceive Inc.