Deep Rock Galactic Enor Pearl | Where to Find

Deep Rock Galactic is a squad-based shooter brimming with crafting options, and the Enor Pearl is one of the most useful ingredients out there. It can be used as a special currency to purchase new equipment and upgrades. However, it’s more often used as an easy item to sell in exchange for Credits. If you want to get your money up quickly, Enor Pearls are the way to go. Here’s where to find them in Deep Rock Galactic.

Where to Find Enor Pearls in Deep Rock Galactic

Where to Find Enor Pearl in Deep Rock Galactic

There are three locations in Deep Rock Galactic where you can find an abundance of Enor Pearls: Salt Pits, Sandblasted Corridors, and Radioactive Exclusion Zone.

These are the places you’ll need to visit in order to find Enor Pearls. Note that generally speaking, Enor Pearls appear buried under the surface. That means you’ll have to spot them, then burrow slightly to actually farm them. Fear not, as it’s a very simple process — just remember that they won’t be staring in your face.

Out of the three Enor Pearl locations, you’ll find them most quickly at the Salt Pits and Sandblasted corridors. The game classes these as Abundant, where there are many more pearls to encounter. There are still some in the Radioactive Exclusion Zone, but in fewer numbers. Therefore, beginners should head to the former spots first, to strike where the iron — or in this case pearl — is hot.

Luckily, there isn’t much more to finding Enor Pearls in Deep Rock Galactic than that. Once you’ve collected them you can sell them for a good dose of Credits, at 50 per pearl. That’ll help get your funds up quickly, so you can purchase new equipment and upgrades in no time.