Deep Rock Galactic | How to Promote Characters

Hello miners! In Deep Rock Galactic, there are a ton of different ways to gauge your progress throughout your career. While the full profile level might be accurate, the class level of your Dwarves is just as important! And certainly shinier. Now, as you level up, you’ll eventually reach a point where you can, at long last, improve your Dwarves via promotion. In Deep Rock Galactic, if you want to promote your dwarf, then you’re going to need grit, patience, and probably a few deaths to well-placed bombs.

How to Promote in Deep Rock Galactic

How to Promote in Deep Rock Galactic

In order to promote in Deep Rock Galactic, your Dwarf Class (Scout, Driller, Gunner, or Engineer) will need to reach level 25. Once there, you can acquire a Promotion Assignment from the assignment board, which you can complete on any class of your choice. After completing this task, you may promote in the Memorial Hall in the upper-left corner of the space Rig. This improves your Honor Badge, adds a new Perk Slot, lets you level up again, and allows you to perform Machine Events, Deep Dives, The Forge, and Core Hunts.

This sounds like a lot, and it is. Just know that, as long as you want massive amounts of rewards and benefits, you should always promote a class once. The first time you ever promote, you’ll gain so many new mission types to play around with; Breach The Core is a new mission type, and the Deep Dive is a new type of endurance-based mission to grant you resources. You can perform the Machine Events, which grant tons of money and the ability to potentially upgrade weapons. You’ll also gain access to the Forge, which makes the game significantly more customizable.

However, every dwarf wants one promotion. This gives them a new Active Perk Slot, bringing you up to two. This lets you bring situational perks and any favorite active of your choice. This is essential for late-game builds. So, you’ll likely want to bring all of your classes to this point at least once.

Oh, and you get your shiny honor badge. No dwarf worth his salt can avoid that.

Can’t get enough of the Deep Rock Galactic boys? Well, that’s because this is an amazing indie game with a ton of work put into it! Learn about it more here!