Deep Rock Galactic Morkite | Where to Find

Deep Rock Galactic has a few minerals that you need to keep track of during your missions. Whether you need the raw monetary power of gold, or the strange resources of Bismor or Croppa, you need to keep your eye out all of the time! Of all resources, morkite is one that is introduced to you quite early on. And yet, it’s not the easiest thing to find! After your mission, you don’t get to keep it. So, where do you find it? And what is it used for in Deep Rock Galactic?

Where to Find Morkite in Deep Rock Galactic

Where to Find Morkite in Deep Rock Galactic

In order to collect Morkite in Deep Rock Galactic, you must be on a mission called a “Mining Mission.” This will have the objective to “Mine Morkite” for a certain number, usually somewhere between 200 and 400. You can see Morkite on the wall as a bright, shining, blue cuboid sort of mineral. Once you’ve mined it, be sure to place it in the M.U.L.E. so you can see how much you have left.

Morkite is just a mission objective; it has no value outside of completing the mission. Be sure to put your inventory into the M.U.L.E. often so your mining buddies know how much they need to do.

Morkite glows slightly in the dark. It will have a dark blue shade over it, but you can see it once you train yourself to. It breaks in one hit, making it easy to mine.

Unfortunately, since the games’ mines randomly spawn, it is impossible to pinpoint exactly where you can find the mineral. It spawns starting in the first room, and then more veins will spawn as you go deeper and deeper into the mine. Follow the paths. The last room of a Morkite mission will tend to have a ton of veins, to help you catch up on any you may have missed.

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