Delivery Delayed As Deliver Us Mars Is Pushed To Next Year

The human fascination with Mars is indeed a great one, and it’s often explored in media. However, players will have to wait a bit longer before they can scratch that with a new game. The upcoming Deliver Us Mars was on the roster for release this year, but has now been delayed until 2023. This comes at a time where numerous companies are delaying anticipated titles with some very familiar reasoning between them. With that in mind, there’s the possibility that all this extra time will be better for workers and the game. This could be a boon to development, but as usual, only time will tell.

Deliver Us Mars Delayed

When a studio succeeds at a certain type of game, it’s natural to want to keep the trend going. This is what Keoken Interactive has done following the success of their first title Deliver Us The Moon, which first released in 2019. Since then, the team has been working on the sequel Deliver Us Mars. And though it looked like it would arrive in 2022, it has been delayed until February the following year. The team has released a statement reminiscent of others claiming that this decision comes as a result of wanting “to live up to that ambition” people have put on the game.

Though it is a sci-fi title, the Deliver Us series gained attention for its focus on narrative detail and emotional depth. In Deliver Us The Moon, the world is in crisis as resources have depleted beyond recovery. In response, nations have funded an expedition to seek out a new energy source on the moon. Following that, Deliver Us Mars continues the story by sending an astronaut to Mars. However, instead of looking for a new energy source, they are attempting to find important tech that has been stolen by an enigmatic force.

It appears that Deliver Us Mars is building much more on top of the legacy created by Deliver Us The Moon and Keoken Interactive want to make it sturdy. This is one of the possible reasons that led to the team’s decision to push the game to next year.