Destiny 2 Apostate | How to Get

There are loads of legendary and exotic weapon options in Destiny 2. Choosing the best one for your build can be a difficult process, especially when so many are farm targets in weird places. The Apostate Rifle is, sadly, no different. Finding this weapon can be a headache, and then you’ve only started the grind to get it for real! Hopefully, we can help be the first step on your journey to getting a reasonable Energy Slot Sniper Rifle for your Destiny 2 build.

How to Get the Apostate Rifle in Destiny 2

How to Get the Apostate Rifle in Destiny 2

The Arc Energy Sniper Rifle Apostate is a reward from the Altar of Sorrows on the Moon. The weapon for this event changes every day, rotating between this weapon, the Heretic, and the Blasphemer. If you want to farm this Moon Weapon, be sure to visit once every day to see if the Sniper Rifle is the reward. It is unfortunately not a guaranteed drop from the boss of the encounter, so you may need to grind it on that day for a while.

Sadly, depending on what weapons are in rotation, the Apostate might not be available during a specific time period. There are a wide variety of Moon weapons, and they tend to be traded out during the lifespan of the event. For the rest of 2022, the Apostate should be available every few days.

Similar to the Horror’s Least, the Apostate is notable as a PvP comfort weapon. It has high base stats and a huge magazine, allowing you to consistently keep up the pressure in combat scenarios. You won’t need to have to worry about silly bonus mechanics, though that can make this weapon feel a bit boring. It is not incredibly potent in PvE scenarios, but you can make it work as a weapon to deal with adds.

According to theorycrafters, you’d want to see an Arrowhead, Tactical mag, Surplus, and Explosive Payload setup for the rifle. This gives you bonuses to your base stats while providing larger damage and usefulness in PvE scenarios.

Setting this up with strong damage rolls like the New Purpose can provide you with an explosive setup at long to mid ranges.