Destiny 2 | Can You Unlock More Fragment Slots?

Destiny 2 has a quite expansive system of upgrades and tools for your class. Your base class is only the start of your journey, since you can now add many different aspects and gear to customize your Guardian. But, all of these bits of customization can be a bit hard to follow. For instance, for any Destiny 2 character, can you get more fragment slots? Or are you stuck at the number that you currently have? We’ll let you get the low-down so you can maximize your build.

Can You Unlock More Fragment Slots in Destiny 2?

Can You Unlock More Fragment Slots in Destiny 2?

You can’t unlock additional fragment slots in Destiny 2, but you can equip different aspects that grant you more slots for your Guardian. For example, the “Grim Harvest” fragment of the Revenant gives you 3 Stasis Fragment slots, but the “Winter’s Shroud” fragment only gives you 1. That means that the game chooses how many slots each aspect gives, rather than you needing to unlock additional ones. Complete quests to unlock different aspects so you can play around with differing numbers of slots.

There is no way to improve aspects to include additional slots for fragments. Each aspect has a set number that usually corresponds with how powerful the basic ability is.

Unlocking aspects requires you to complete quests, typically starting in Europa, involving the word “Aspect.” These are new parts of the “Born in Darkness” questline, so you’ll have to complete that storyline if you want to unlock all possible aspects. Then, complete the various side quests, typically by exploring dungeons. After you get the first two, you will need to collect the Salvation’s Grip by completing “The Stasis Prototype.”

The Exo Stranger is your source for Fragments, which you can equip to aspects to improve their strength as long as they have a similar attribute. You will need to complete various Crucible, Vanguard, and Gambit fragment quests over the course of several weeks. Once you’ve done the quest, you’ll gain a Memory Fragment, which can be spent on a fragment of your choosing. Then, equip it to your character via the aspect. You can only get two fragments per week like this, so you may want to choose an aspect type that you like the most!