Destiny 2 Chamber of Starlight | Where to Find

The Taken are certainly a force to be reckoned with in Destiny 2, causing immense trouble throughout the solar system. They “take” over the forms of various enemies that essentially answer to any Darkness-aligned villain. Oftentimes, though, they can come as a surprise before a powerful boss comes into play. With this in mind, there seems to be a technical problem with the Chamber of Starlight in Destiny 2. Navigating to its general location is one thing to consider, but some players are experiencing a spawning issue concerning the Lost Sector in question. There’s a quick fix for this, though.

Where to Find the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector in Destiny 2

Where to Find the Chamber of Starlight Lost Sector in Destiny 2

Locating the Chamber of Starlight will require you to have the Forsaken expansion of Destiny 2. It’s the third of its kind, seventh overall if you count the original Destiny title. If you have it installed, travel to The Dreaming City then head toward the mountainous region of Rheasilvia. Specifically, the Lost Sector will be more to the middle of the map between Rheasilvia and The Strand.

For better reference, spawn at the Divalian Mists Landing Zone of The Dreaming City. Make your way toward the Rheasilvia area then begin to platform down the gap with a blue void (it sort of resembles a space-like river). A Lost Sector icon will be etched against a wall at the bottom level, with a convenient entryway to the left of it through some vines. From there, you’ll progress down a cave, eventually reaching the Lost Sector with orange lights guiding the path to a more open area.

Lost Sector Bug Fix

Now, upon entering the Lost Sector, one of two things will transpire: Taken enemies will either spawn or they will not. Naturally, if the former occurs, the Guardians will proceed with their mission. However, if the latter were to happen, there’s a quick remedy to fix it. Ascend the pathway to the left away from the stone overlook; this will lead into the boss’s area. Don’t approach the danger zone: floating pillars and outlandish structures amid a hallway near red light. To the right of the red light will be a green light – go toward that instead.

You will enter the room where the stone overlook leads to. Jump off from the overlook then start exiting the cave. After a few steps, turn around, re-enter the Lost Sector, and Taken forces should be arriving on the spot. If this doesn’t work, repeat the process with further cave exit extensions, continuously adding a step or two for each try until the Taken spawn.

Once the enemies do arrive, you’re free to deal with them as you will.

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