Destiny 2 Classy Restoration Mod | How to Get

Classy Restoration is one of the largest buffs that any specific class has gotten to their durability by artifact in Destiny 2. This thing is crazy, but it’s also hard to find. If you’ve heard of Classy Restoration, you’d be forgiven for thinking it just doesn’t exist. This artifact mod is both hard to find and almost required for specific Destiny 2 builds. So, if you’re still looking for it, or if you just want advice on how to get it, we can help you out!

How to Get Classy Restoration in Destiny 2

How to Get Classy Restoration in Destiny 2

Classy Restoration is in the final column of mods within the Seasonal Artifact in Destiny 2: Season of the Haunted. The Artifact requires XP to rank up, which can be gained through bounties, challenges, and events during this season. Once unlocked, the mod can be equipped for the artifact’s mod points. However, you must get to the final row to unlock it.

The Nightmare Harvester class mod is the Season of the Haunted unlock. You get it by booting up the game and completing the first event that it dumps you into. If you haven’t gotten it yet, head to the new wing of the HELM and talk with the Crown of Sorrow. They’ll get you this artifact.

You can access the mods by entering your inventory and selecting the Seasonal Artifact. In here, you’ll be able to see what upgrades you can choose, based on what rank you’ve managed to climb to. Like most things in Destiny 2, rank is given for performing tasks, with bounties being particularly handy for climbing.

Why is Classy Restoration Good?

Classy Restoration is a beast. It provides a large self-heal called Restoration, which provides health over time for Solar subclasses. This means that your Solar subclasses are finally the great tanks that they deserve to be. In fact, it sometimes looks too easy to tank content without caring! For PvE content, it can be a blast to shake off hits without even flinching, your health bar quickly restoring to full. Combine that with the buffs to Resilience and you’ve got yourself a meta where Solar is a legitimate option for players!

However, the Season is ending soon! Make good use of this buff and try some Solar subclasses before this thing goes away. And while you’re at it, try some of the cool generic weapons that all classes love! For instance, the Stormchaser or the Chaperone are both great for midrange Solar builds!