Destiny 2 Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper | How to Get

Destiny 2 has a massive swath of exotic weapons to collect. From rocket launchers to pistols, you will find some amazing weaponry to fill in your set. One of the coolest exotics in Destiny 2 is the Cloudstrike sniper rifle. Boasting great range and damage for its fire rate, this weapon’s unique ability to call down lightning bolts is legendary. But, it isn’t exactly the easiest weapon to farm; the method to get it hasn’t changed since its release in 2020. Let’s go over the steps so you can start the grind.

How to Get Cloudstrike Exotic Sniper in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Cloudstrike

In order to get the Cloudstrike in Destiny 2, you must complete Empire Hunts on Europa. To unlock these hunts, you must talk to Variks on Europa and begin the “Old Secrets, New Challenges” mission. Follow the quest through “A Hard Rain Falls” and a new set of Sabotage quests, finishing by defeating Europan Explorer 1 and 2. Once these are done, you can get the Cloudstrike by farming the Empire Hunts, which you can collect from Variks.

Sadly, as of the writing of this article, there is no easier way to farm the Cloudstrike sniper rifle. Bungie wants to keep Empire Hunts relevant, so they are holding this Sniper Rifle hostage. Oh well! The Hunts are relatively simple. Just make sure that you are on Elective Difficulty at minimum. This is the lowest difficulty that the weapon can spawn on, and it is still very rare.

Should you even farm Empire Hunts for this weapon? Well, its special ability is Mortal Polarity. This causes a lightning bolt to land when defeating an enemy with a precision hit. You also get these lightning bolts when landing multiple shots on a precision shot in a row.

This Sniper Rifle is a fantastic PvE weapon. The lightning storm tears apart bosses with realistic-to-hit weakpoints. And the lightning strikes on kill are perfect for mobbing! The storm and bolts are unnecessary during PvP, but the weapon serves its purpose as a pressure tool in that format.

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