Destiny 2 Collective Obligation | How to Get

Destiny 2: The Witch Queen has been a resounding success when it comes to content. From raids to world challenges, there’s just enough to do that the game isn’t overwhelming. We hope you’ve been having fun getting your Duality Dungeon Armor and exotics! If you’re wanting one in particular, though, you’ll be wanting to dig through another raid. The Collective Obligation is one of the coolest Void weapons in the game. If you’re wanting a piece of that action, you’ll need to go do a bit of farming.

How to Get the Collective Obligation Exotic Pulse Rifle

How to Get the Collective Obligation Exotic Pulse Rifle

The Collective Obligation pulse rifle is a random drop from completing the Vow of the Disciple raid in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen. There is currently no other way to get this pulse rifle. You’ll just need to farm the Vow of the Disciple and cross your fingers. Preferably, you’ll want to level three characters and do the raid thrice a week to maximize drop chance.

The Collective Obligation is a Void Pulse Rifle in your Energy slot. Its guaranteed Exotic perk “leeches” void debuffs on suppressed, weakened, or volatile targets. You can use the Alternate Weapon Action button to swap firing modes and reapply the leeched void debuffs to enemies. It’s a rotation weapon, allowing you to absorb debuffs while mobbing and then dump them all on a target. In addition to Void Leech, you will also reload your clip whenever you gain Devour, a Void overshield, or become invisible.

This weapon is best on a Hunter that likes their void tree, Nightstalker. This hunter can become invisible quite easily, and also can help apply the particular debuffs that the Collective Obligation leeches. No other class can perform this quite so easily. However, any class that can get Void Overshield can gain access to the reload, and all Void classes can apply the requisite debuffs. You can also use it if a friend is running Void.

If this weapon isn’t quite what you were expecting, then that’s fine! We can get you a few more weapons that might wet your whistle! The Stormchaser and Chain of Command are other great options for the season.