Destiny 2 Dead Messenger Catalyst | What Does It Do?

Destiny 2 is full of different types of exotic weapons that use various energy sources as ammunition. The Dead Messenger is a grenade launcher with unique special ammo that allows you to use any element of ammo for it. As a result, the Dead Messenger is suitable for almost any mission. However, if you have this weapon and are thinking about getting the Catalyst for it, you should know what it does first. So, read this guide as we explain exactly what the Dead Messenger Catalyst does.

What Does the Dead Messenger Catalyst Do?

What Does the Dead Messenger Catalyst Do?

The Dead Messenger Catalyst upgrades the weapon to a Masterwork. What exactly does that do in terms of weapon performance? Effectively, it will enhance its abilities, but the main feature of the Dead Messenger Catalyst is that when you use it to break the shield of a combatant or guardian, even while they are in super, you will get an over shield. Furthermore, you don’t have to match an element when you break the shield either. For example, you can break an Arc Shield with Void Shot to also grant yourself an Overshield.

That’s why the Dead Messenger Catalyst makes the weapon a perfect choice for any battle. However, obtaining the Catalyst for the weapon is no easy task. First things first, you’ll need the Dead Messenger weapon. Then, to get the Dead Messenger Catalyst, you must do the master version of the Vox Obscura Mission. This mission is no joke at 1580 power. So, it’s recommended you have at least 1550 power to do it.

To add to that, it’s recommended you head in with a full team since there are Barrier and Unstoppable champions. Once you’ve defeated the boss in this mission, you can head to the treasure room and open the final chest to reveal the Catalyst. However, you still need to unlock it to equip it. To do that, you need to defeat 200 enemies with the weapon, using void, solar, or arc damage. As we said, getting this Catalyst, is no joke.

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