Destiny 2 Divinity | How to Get

Destiny 2‘s Large amount of weapons leaves plenty for players to choose from. However, some of the most powerful weapons can’t be found in the wild. They’re normally found by doing quests or unlocking them in dungeons. One of these very powerful weapons is the Divinity.

How to Get Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 - How to Get Divinity

To get the Divinity in Destiny 2, you’re going to have to start the special quest to unlock the weapon. First things first head to the Moon. This is where you’ll find the starting point to the quest. You’re going to want to make your way towards Sorrow’s Harbor, but keep your eyes on the right side of the wall as you go. You’re going to head into an area filled with totems, don’t continue through. Instead, make your way to the far left side of the arena, and enter the cave on the far side wall.

Once you’re inside of the cave, continue through towards the back of the cave. If you’re in the right spot, a large vex portal will appear and start spawning enemies. Defeat each one of them, and a Minotaur boss will appear. Upon the Minotaur’s defeat, they’ll drop what looks like an exotic engram. Picking it up, however, will instead reveal the quest for the Divinity, called “What’s This… What’s This?”

Whats This… What’s This?

With the new engram in hand, you’re going to have to reclaim 3 Oracles in the game, each of which brings you a step closer to getting the Divinity Trace Rifle. All three orcales can be found on Nessus. Start from Artifact’s Edge, and work your way to Orrey Lost Sector. On your way, you should come to a room filled with blue light. On the wall, there should be an opening you can jump up to and enter. This secret area houses the first oracle you need to activate. Start it, Kill the enemy that spawns, and activate the oracle again, taking one of the three out.

The second Lost Sector is located in the Tangle. Make your way through the Tangle, and into Ancient’s Haunt. Once you’re in there, make it to the boss, and right by where the spawn, on the left wall, should be a cave where the second Oracle resides.

The third Oracle is found in the Conflux, inside of the Cistern. Make your way through the area and head into the cave at the base of the waterfall next to the wreckage. Head into that cave, until you make it to the first large room. It’ll take some parkour maneuvers, but if you look on the right wall, there’s a hidden cave near the ceiling. Make your way into the cave, and you’ll find the third Oracle.

Charging the Quest Item

Now that the mysterious engram has been decrypted, you still need to charge it up. You can achieve this by killing 120 vex anywhere in the game. It doesn’t matter what planet you’re on, 120 vex need to die, and you have to do the deed. Once you’ve completed that, you’re also going to need 30 Phantasmal Particles. Which are normally found by killing Nightmares. Once you’ve completed these tasks, it’s time to head back to the moon. Once you make it to the moon, head towards Eris. Left of Eris Morn is the Lectern of Enchantment. Use this to purchase the next step to the quest. You may have to complete a pre-requisite quest to unlock the Lectern of Enchantment. After this, there’s one more step, which requires going into the Garden of Salvation Raid.

The Puzzles of the Raid

Now, You’ll need 5 other friends to help you complete this, as there are 7 puzzles in the raid. All of which need to be completed on one run-through of the raid. When you spawn into the raid, you’ll be on a cliff. Trust your gut, and jump off the cliff, underneath the platform you spawned on, there should be a cave you can reach. Enter the cave and interact with the node, which will spawn in blocks to put you back at the start. This is the beginning.

Once that’s complete continue through the raid until you reach a large set of stairs with two curved walls on the sides right before the first encounter. You can see it on the walls of the stairs, there are two hidden rooms under the curved walls. Going on top of both of the curved walls will put you in each side of the room. You will need 6 players to complete this. The Left side is the start, and the right side is the end. Have 3 players stand in the left room, one next to the node, and the others spaced out towards the window found on the stairs.

Next, have three other players stand in the opposite room. Spaced out similarly from the window to the receiving end. The player closest to the node will activate it, and chain electricity from player to player. If all players are close enough, it should chain all the way to the other end. You’ll know you completed this once you receive a message telling you it’s done.

Puzzles 2, 3, and 4

The Next Puzzle is after the first encounter. Run alongside the right side of the flowery section until you find a pink tree. Next to the pink tree, there should be a cave you’ll have to crouch to fall into. Once you fall in, you’ll have to assign players to spots along the winding path. The first player should be right at the entrance. As you continue through the cave assign people to the spots that have circular holes in them. The path is long and winding, but there is a spot for each player, do not go outside of the cave unless you’re the final player, keep left once you reach outside, and you’ll make it to the tether box. Once activated, the force field separating everyone will be lifted, and players can make their way out of the cave from the final player’s position.

The Third Puzzle is located inside of the underground tree platforming section of the raid. Keep your eyes out for a branch coming from the ceiling. It has shootable pods on it, which is a good landmark. The tether box is located underneath the branch, next to the large shootable pod. Various nodes will be placed around the branch, players will have to split up, and link the electricity through all six nodes to complete this puzzle.

The Fourth Puzzle is located after the third encounter, at the end of the mini platforming chasm. It’s in plain sight, and on the west, of the chasm. activating this box will spawn 6 more nodes, all of which need to be lit up to progress. Be sure to form a circle around the main pillar before starting the chain, as breaking line of sight resets the puzzle.

Puzzles 5, 6, and 7

The Fifth Puzzle is located in the same room after completing the fourth one. However you will need to move as a group, once both ends of the chain are linked, all players can move freely as a group, moving too far away resets the puzzle. You can jump to the other side of the chasm, or walk around it from the left side facing to the beginning. Moving as a group into this section will cause Supplicant Harpies will appear, you cannot let them kill you. You will have to work together to bait the harpies into exploding. Then link all six nodes.

The Sixth Puzzle is located also after the third encounter. It’s after the wall climb. Find the two waterfalls in the large field and travel in between them. You should find a small cave. Enter the cave, head to the left, and find the starting node. shooting it will spawn the ending node, which is hidden behind bark up on a ledge you can reach. Chain all 6 players together by stretching electricity as far as you can. This will complete the Sixth Puzzle.

The Seventh, and Final Puzzle of the game, is located where puzzle 6 starts. Head into that room, and you’ll notice 6 plates on the floor glowing. Once you connect all 6 players, everyone should stand on a plate, forming a line that’s shown by the carvings on the ground. Next, the glowing lights on the plates will display 7 distinct formations that you and your team must replicate within a short amount of time. Once all 7 have been completed, the ground will shake, and you can claim your reward.

Acquiring the Divinity

How to Get the Divinity Exotic Trace Rifle

Lastly, make your way to the end of the raid. Then, in the reward room, you’ll be given the Divinity, only if you’ve completed all 7 puzzles properly. Completion of each puzzle will give you a message in your text feed saying you’ve bypassed security. The Divinity is a trace rifle that will display a large crit spot on all enemies. It is considered very powerful, and the challenge is worth the reward.