Destiny 2 Electric Flavor | How to Get

The end-of-year Dawning event in Destiny 2 celebrates the holidays by providing both Guardians and NPCs the opportunity to receive Christmas gifts. During this time, players can gift cookies to NPCs in exchange for holiday rewards. You will, however, need to acquire the ingredients to bake these cookies first. During the event, each ingredient is dropped by killing enemies in a different fashion. That’s why if you’re looking for the Electric Flavor ingredient, read on because we show you how to get it in this guide.

How to Get Electric Flavor in Destiny 2

How to Get Electric Flavor in Destiny 2

To get the Electric Flavor ingredient to drop during Destiny 2’s Dawning event, you need to kill enemies with Arc damage. That means landing the finishing blow on any enemy type with Arc abilities or weapons. Some weapons we suggest that should do the trick are the exotic bow, Trinity Ghoul, Vow of the Disciples Forbearance grenade launcher, or the similar weapon type, Salvager’s Salvo.

Killing enemies with any of these weapons, or any Arc weapon in general will grant a chance at Electric Flavor to drop. So, grab your favorite Arc-based weapon and start heading to work. On the other hand, you can also use Arc abilities to kill enemies and get the Electric Flavor to drop. Regardless, there are two-holiday cookies that require the Electric Flavor ingredient to make, so you’ll want to obtain at least two of the ingredient before storing away your Arc weapons.

Once you’ve got Electric Flavor, you can bake either the Strange Cookies for Xur or the Etheric Coldsnaps for Variks. Xur’s Strange Cookies also require Taken Butter as the second ingredient, which you can get from killing Taken enemies. Variks Etheric Coldsnaps, on the other hand, require Chitin Powder as their second ingredient, which you can get by killing Hive enemies. Once you have both of the ingredients required for each cookie, all you need left is a splash of Dawning Essence, and you can bake these cookies in the Holiday oven.

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