Destiny 2 Empirical Evidence | How to Get

Destiny 2‘s legendary list expanded quite a lot recently. The new Season’s content offers players a vast array of new options. While not many of them have warped the game, they have all been decent meta-contenders, like the new Stormchaser and New Purpose. And the Duality Dungeon is far from the only place where we can find meta weapons. The Throne World itself is rife with a ton of weapons to select. The Empirical Evidence is a Destiny 2 pistol that occupies the Sidearm slot. While this slot has been historically weak, it always pays off to have a backup plan.

How to Get the Empirical Evidence in Destiny 2

How to Get the Empirical Evidence in Destiny 2

The Empirical Evidence is a reward for the Ghosts story mission and is also part of the Throne World Activity Gear Set in Destiny 2: The Witch Queen.  That means that they are able to drop from gear chests that you can find from completing activities on Savathûn’s Throne World. This is a fairly rare drop from tier 3 chests. Specifically, the Pub Event, Chests, and Lost Sectors appear to have the largest chance of dropping this item.

Savathûn’s Throne World is the destination world for Season 16. If you do not have it unlocked, you must progress a bit farther into the story by grinding and playing campaign missions. Once you get onto the throne world, you can immediately begin farming the activities on this map.

The Empirical Evidence first drops from the Ghosts story mission. If you don’t like how it rolls, you can then farm it by simply doing activities. The Empirical Evidence does not seem to spawn from the Wellspring activities, and tends to spawn more often from the Pub Event, Chests, and Lost Sectors activities.

Like many sidearms, the Empirical Evidence is serviceable. This pistol may not replace old reliable pistols such as the Breachlight, but it can do the job fine. Specifically, you’ll be looking for traits to help with the weapon’s somewhat heft recoil and mediocre rate of fire. With a bit of elbow grease this can be a decent help for your armory, but don’t expect it to replace more standard options.