Destiny 2 Evidence Board | Where to Find

The Witch Queen has started off quite well for Destiny 2. There’s loads of new content to explore, and you can farm relatively easily to catch up, too. One of the methods added to get legendary engrams is the new Evidence Board. This is a farming method introduced in The Witch Queen to help players get powerful weapons through missions. Nothing too original here, but boy is it worth farming! We’ll tell you where to look to get it.

Where to Find the Evidence Board in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 Evidence Board

When you spawn into the Enclave on Savathun’s Throne World, head to the right. There’s an NPC staring at a large chalkboard-looking object, which is your Evidence Board. On the map, the Board is represented with a blue crown, and the subtitle “Investigatory Apparatus.” For right now, it’s important to do this mostly for the mission, as most of the quests are locked behind campaign progression and updates.

Once you find the Evidence Board, you’ll be able to deal with the rest of the “Hard Evidence” quest. This involves interacting with the board, heading to the Quagmire, and finding the Osmic Fragment. You’ll need to use your HUD to track down this quest marker, which is fairly deep into Savathun’s Throne World. Interact with the fragment to battle the enemies that spawn nearby. The fight is a bit swarm-heavy, but should be relatively easy for a geared Guardian. Recollect the Osmic Fragment and head back to the Evidence Board to complete the quest.

Now that you’ve completed “Hard Evidence,” the board is not quite available for farming. You’ll have to level up the Throneworld vender Fynch’s reputation before you can access its weekly quests. Go do work for him so you can unlock this method of farming. You may even need to complete the raid before the weekly missions on this board become unlocked, so don’t worry too much about it until then.

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