Destiny 2 Fatebringer | How to Get

The Fatebringer is a must-have for Guardians of Destiny 2 who build their setup with a focus on marksman weapons. This iconic Hand Cannon was so popular in the original Destiny that it budged its way into the sequel. As a result, many players are eager to get their hands on it, once again. Nonetheless, we know the weapon itself may not be enough for you; perhaps you want a god roll of it. Well, not only do we show you how to get the Fatebringer, but also how to maximize your chances of getting a god roll of it, just down below!

How to Get Fatebringer in Destiny 2

How to Get Fatebringer in Destiny 2

You can only get the Fatebringer in Destiny 2 from the Vault of Glass raid. The third and fourth encounters you face in this raid, which are the Templer and Gatekeeper, have a chance of dropping the Fatebringer. With that said, it’s only a chance. That means you might have to play this raid over and over until you finally get the Fatebringer as a drop from one of these two enemies. The good news is that there are two chances for it to drop each attempt. As a result, it should only take a couple of tries before you get your hands on it.

But what about getting a god roll of the Fatebringer? Well, that’s a different story, in which you already have to have the weapon. That’s because once you get the weapon as a drop, it has a chance to appear in any of the chests hidden throughout the rest of the raid. So, there’s a chance you can pull a god roll Fatebringer from one of these chests, though those odds are still stacked against your favor. However, there is another method of getting a god roll, that’s much more likely.

Once you’ve obtained the Fatebringer, you can turn in your Spoils of Conquest from the Vault of Glass raid for a random roll of the weapon. This will cost 20 Spoils, and can only be done once per raid. However, the chances of getting a god roll of it are much higher than randomly pulling one from a chest.

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