Destiny 2 Heart Shadow | How to Get

The Season of the Haunted has come to Destiny 2. And despite it being relatively far away from Halloween, Bungie has certainly raised the fear factor! The newest dungeon in this game is a crazy festival of creative design, but also a head-scratching gambling game for those looking for loot. The final boss of this dungeon has a pretty expansive loot pool! So, how do we get the Heart Shadow Exotic in the Season of the Haunted of Destiny 2? We’ll tell you the best ways to get there!

How to Get the Heart Shadow Exotic in Destiny 2

Heart Shadow Destiny 2

The Heart Shadow is a random drop from the final boss of the Duality dungeon. This sword is a fairly rare drop, so you will have to farm the dungeon multiple times if you want to get it. However, you can obtain a few achievements to maximize your chance that you get this powerful weapon. Specifically, you’ll want to complete Solo Thoughtstealer, Master Thoughtstealer, and Mind Heist.

This void sword turns you invisible when you heavy, as well as firing a few orbs to stagger enemies. Then, follow up attacks will deal additional damage. This combo works well with aggressive melee builds.

Solo Thoughtstealer tasks you with just completing the dungeon by yourself. This’ll take some practice and a lot of grit, as this is not the easiest encounter. However, you can just restart as much as you need.

Master Thoughtstealer is obviously much harder, as it requires a Master difficulty clear. You’ll need to work with your friends – and probably have about a 1580 light level – if you’re looking to get this triumph.

Then, you’ll want Mind Heist, which requires 12 Repressed Memories that are scattered throughout the dungeon. These memories are contained in cylinders that can be unlocked by shooting at it. You may need to travel to the dark realm to find some of them.

All of these Triumphs will boost your droprate by a little bit. You can also theoretically play on multiple characters and send the Heartshadow to whichever character needs it the most.

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