Destiny 2 Horror Story | How to Get

The Festival of the Lost event in Destiny 2 is bringing back some familiar tricks and treats for this year’s Halloween season. From the copious amounts of Candy and spooky enemies to fellow Guardians wearing ridiculous masks, it’s the perfect time to log in and start grinding for spooky loot. With this in mind, the Horror Story rifle has returned to Destiny 2 for a limited time. While it may be somewhat easy to obtain, there are a few necessary steps to consider when trying to obtain this Legendary Auto Rifle.

How to Get Horror Story in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 How to Get Horror Story

The Horror Story rifle is unlockable as a random roll by playing through the Haunted Sectors with Cipher Decoder Caches. Progressing through these eerie sections will pit Guardians against headless foes before concluding with a boss battle. In the end, you’ll receive your loot, which has the chance of containing the Horror Story. If you need more caches, simply participate in world activities outside of the Haunted Sectors. Crucible, Gambit, Strikes, and other activities will supply you with Spectral Pages, as long as you are wearing the mask that was given to you by Eva Levante.

Your newly acquired Horror Story is a Legendary Auto Rifle that is perfect for PvP matchmaking and tough enemies. It fires 450 Rounds Per Minute with a default extended mag of 38 bullets. Trigger-happy Guardians will be content with the 73 Recoil Direction output to ensure a steady spray of offensive action.

This year’s Festival of the Lost takes place during the Season of Plunder for 2022. Last year, the event took place during the Season of the Lost, with some of the ghostly equipment making a return. You can always check to see what’s in store by visiting the Festival of the Lost vendor, Eva Levante, in the Tower.

After completing her initial Gone but Not Forgotten quest and obtaining a festival mask, you’ll then embark on your daily activities while collecting Candy and Spectral Pages. The Candy that you collect throughout your time during the event can be spent at Eva’s station for exclusive items. Just be sure to keep your mask on when completing activities to earn the aforementioned event items.

The Festival of the Lost 2022 event began on October 18, 2022, and will end on November 08, 2022. For more guides on Destiny 2, check out these other guides before delving back into the Haunted Sectors: