How to Complete The Ritual Mission in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is filled to the brim with all sorts of missions and raids. Gathering your friends and taking on challenging bosses and working through dungeons is extremely fun. But with Destiny 2 being supported for multiple years now, it’s difficult to remember how to complete missions. Some missions are fairly straightforward; go to the objective marker, kill enemies. But some missions are a lot more difficult compared to those ones. One of them is known as “The Ritual” With all this in mind, here’s a guide on how to complete the mission!

Destiny 2 The Ritual Mission Walkthrough
Destiny 2 The Ritual Mission Walkthrough

To complete the mission, you’ll have to work through Savathun’s Fortress, making it to the final boss. However, there are some obstacles that stand in the way of the guardians. Making it to the chamber is the first part, as players will encounter a boss they’ll have to take down before gaining access inside of the palace.

Once inside, you’ll notice three shields blocking the path to the final boss of the mission. To drop these shields, you’ll have to go into the side rooms, clear them out, and then use the portals to get to a higher position inside of the room, destroying the floating crystals above the shields. When this is done, you’ve removed one shield from the final boss. Dodge the attacks and return to the same rooms you’ve cleared out.

The main portals you went through now have multiple runes on them. You’ll have to memorize them, as you’ll be going around the same place as before. This time, instead of fighting for the crystal, you’ll be looking for a portal with matching runes. Doing so will net you a void charge.

Take the void charge back to the main chamber. Deposit it in the main chamber, deactivating one of the shields. Go to the other side of the room, and repeat the process to deactivate all shields, rendering the Lightbringer wizard vulnerable to attack. Defeating the wizard now allows you to enter the portal in the middle of the room, and reach the final boss.

Going into the portal, follow the objective marker until you reach the final boss. Now, it’s time to end this ritual once and for all. Approaching Savathun, you’ll be thrown into the first phase of the boss fight. It’s simple, shoot them, and then hide. Once they’re defeated, phase two begins. Phase two has you fighting projections of Savathun, and then going into a portal a small area. Go through the small portals around the ring, kill the Threadweavers, and place the memory in the middle of the room. You’ll then be teleported back to the main arena, where you’ll fight Savathun for real. Rinse and repeat until they’re dead, and that’s how you complete the ritual mission!