Destiny 2 Hung Jury | How to Get

The scout rifle weapon type is one of the more handy weapon types in Destiny 2. That’s because dealing consistent damage can pressure opponents out of range, or even mess with aim. So, a solid mid-ranged weapon with constant fire can be one of your best options. The Hung Jury of Destiny 2 is an example of a perfect weapon to fill a slot for players looking for mid-range sprays. If you’re trying to dig for that great pressure tool, then you could do much worse than this scout rifle!

How to Get Hung Jury in Destiny 2

How to Get Hung Jury in Destiny 2

The Hung Jury in Destiny 2 is a Nightfall reward, making it only available from Nightfall strikes. This is one of three weapons that can be part of the Nightfall rotation, though it sadly is not part of this month’s rotation. Once it’s back online, this is a Kinetic Scout Rifle with fantastic and predictable recoil. This makes it work to shoo enemies away from objectives with good damage and good bullet-per-minute ratios.

Sadly, the Nightfall strike lists determine whether or not you can get the Hung Jury. While it’s likely to come back in a future season, as of Season 17, it is just not an option. Look to schedules in the future to see if the its is available at the time that you’re looking to farm it. Keeping our fingers crossed for Season 18!

Once you have access to it, the Hung Jury is a very reasonable all-rounder Scout Rifle. Precision Frame gives it predictable recoil and it has very good all-round stats. For the Kinetic slot, this is a very reasonable weapon for pushing objectives from a mid-range.

Because of its job as a mid-range threat, you can basically roll and perks on it and call it a day! Corkscrew Rifling, Accurized Rounds, Rapid Hit, and Firefly are currently the most popular random rolls, and are recommended by theorycrafters. But, these rolls and mods can turn this weapon into whatever roll you’re really looking for.