Destiny 2 Love and Death | How to Get

When it comes to PvE or a boss raid in Destiny 2, your weapon loadout can be the difference between success and failure. Since most of the time you’ll be taking on waves of enemies, a grenade launcher can often come in handy for dealing out splash damage or chunking a boss’s health. The Love and Death is one of the best grenade launchers in the game for this. As a result, if you’re eager to add the weapon to your arsenal, keep reading because we’ll show you how to do so below.

How to Get Love and Death in Destiny 2

How to Get Love and Death in Destiny 2

To get the Love and Death grenade launcher in Destiny 2, you first need to complete the quest titled Nightmare Hunt: Insanity while on the Moon. Once you’ve completed this quest, you’ll unlock the Essence of Insanity quest, or more promptly, the one that will reward you with the Love and Death grenade launcher. For the Essence of Insanity quest, you’ll need to Kill 100 enemies with grenade launchers in Gambit, Strikes, or the Crucible and Obtain the Bound Manacle from the Gatehouse.

Killing 100 enemies with grenade launchers is pretty straightforward and pretty much the grind-it-out part of this quest. The second part, however, will need some explanation. For this part, you’ll need to travel to Sorrow’s Harbor, The Moon spawn point. From here travel Southwest all the way through the mountain tunnel and once you’re out stay right heading towards the closest Hellmouth entrance. Once you’ve entered, take a left down the stairs and then a quick right through the door. Follow this all the way until your screen reads The Gatehouse, The Moon.

Once you see this map marker in the bottom left of your screen, you’ll know you’re in the right spot. Now, keep making your way through these tunnels until you come across a Hive Knight known as Ehrath’ur, Eternal Blade. He’s the one you need to kill to get the Bound Manacle. Once you kill him and get your 100 kills, you’ll be granted the Love and Death grenade launcher as your reward.

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