Destiny 2 New Purpose Rolls | What They Are

The new Duality Dungeon has dropped, and boy is it shaking up the metagame! This new entry in Destiny 2‘s Season of the Haunted has quite a few new exotics and a new set of armor to farm. One of these drops is the New Purpose pulse rifle. The random rolls on the New Purpose are not currently fully documented by the website This thing is quite interesting and good for builds who need to switch things up! So, what are the random rolls on this new pulse rifle?

What Are The New Purpose Rolls in Destiny 2?

What Are The New Purpose Rolls in Destiny 2?

Thanks to the folks on r/CrucibleGuidebook, we know that the current rolls that the New Purpose can drop with are as follows: Adaptive Munitions, Desperado, Focused Fury, Harmony, Headstone, Heating Up, Perpetual Motion, Steady Hands, Tunnel Vision, Well-Rounded, and Vorpal. This lists include some firsts in the Kinetic slot, such as Adaptive Munitions.

As the a kinetic Pulse Rifle with High Impact Frame as default, this weapon could make a small splash. However, it’s hard to throw out Messenger and Stars in Shadow for New Purpose, so don’t feel like you’re required to farm it. It is found in the Duality Dungeon as a drop from encounters. You can increase the chance of getting this and other high-impact gear by farming Triumphs, such as beating the dungeon Solo or on Master difficulty.

So, what are some of the great rolls for this puppy? Heating Up with Harmony can lead to good burst in PvP while being acceptable damage in PvE. Focused Fury can be good with an accuracy perk as the weapon is not perfect in terms of recoil. Heating Up is a perfect PvE perk for this goal.

However, these rolls are completely random, and you’ll just have to cross your fingers that when your weapon drops it has a good series. You’ll definitely want some accuracy and ramping damage for PvE situations.

This isn’t the only weapon you can find in the Duality dungeon, either! Be sure to check out the Heartshadow melee weapon if you want to see more tools for your build!