Destiny 2 Revision Zero | How to Get

The new Season of the Seraph in Destiny 2 has introduced a number of new quests as well as weapons to unlock. The Revision Zero is one new exotic weapon added this season that many players are eager to add to their arsenal. This new high-powered Pulse Rifle can be constructed with four different catalysts. Furthermore, players can choose between alternate fire modes, to fire two or four shots at a time. There’s still tons more we can say about the Revision Zero, but you’re probably already itching to get your hands on it. So read on to find out how!

How to Get Revision Zero in Destiny 2

How to Get Revision Zero in Destiny 2

To get Revision Zero in Destiny 2, you need to complete the Season of the Seraph Exotic mission called Operation: Seraph’s Shield. You unlock this mission after completing at least three weeks of the More Than a Weapon seasonal storyline. After looting a Seraph Chest during week three of this quest, you will then need to use the Holoprojector near the Exo Frame. Doing so will activate the Operation: Seraph’s Shield quest.

Once you’ve completed your first run-through of Operation: Seraph’s Shield, which is pretty straightforward, you will need to head back to interact with the Exo Frame. Doing so will get you a message from Hidden Agent FEN-092 who will give you a red-bordered version of Revision Zero. Once you get it, be sure to dismantle the weapon to get a pattern, since you’ll have to reshape it later anyway. Next, FEN-092 will tell you to take the weapon to the Enclave on Mars and craft a new version of the Revision Zero.

There, simply interact with the Relic Conduit (to the left of the crafting station) to complete the mission. However, you’ll still need to craft and shape a new version of the weapon. It’s important to note, that in order to craft and shape a new version of Revision Zero, you must have completed the opening mission of the Witch Queen, The Arrival. This will unlock the ability to craft weapons, and thusly will be able to go ahead and shape the Revision Zero, with the catalyst and perks of your choosing.

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