Destiny 2 Sepulcher Lost Sector Location | Where to Find

Lost Sectors are a type of PvE activity in Destiny 2 that reward guardians with exotic loot drops. However, to get this exotic gear, you must first defeat the enemies and mini-boss battles that reside in these Lost Sectors on Master or Legend Difficulty. Even before you can do that, you must locate a Lost Sector, which changes its location from a roster of spots every day. The Sepulcher Lost Sector consistently provides excellent exotic items, but it is also one of the more difficult locations to find. So, keep reading to find out where it is.

Where to Find the Sepulcher Lost Sector in Destiny 2

Where to Find the Sepulcher Lost Sector in Destiny 2

You can find the Sepulcher Lost Sector in Destiny 2 in Savathun’s Throne World, in the Fluorescent Canal Region. To get there, start from the Quaqmire Waypoint spawn. From this spawn, start making your way toward Fluorescent Canal. Once you’re in this region stay left until you come across a small opening with Hive plates. Just left of this is a slight drop that takes you to a lower level where you’ll find the Lost Sector.

You’ll know you’re in the right place as there are most likely other guardians idling here waiting to start the Lost Sector themselves. It’s also good to note that you can’t do the Sepulcher Lost Sector until you complete the Lost Sector on normal difficulty. Doing so will open up the Lost Sector in both Master and Legend difficulty.

Furthermore, what the Sepulcher Lost Sector rewards players constantly varies. Regardless, we recommend doing it on Legend difficulty, if you can, because you’ll get better exotic drops from it. Nonetheless, the next time the Lost Sector appears here, you’ll know how to find it and won’t miss out on its exotic drops.

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