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Guardians must always be on the offense and defense when fighting the enemy in Destiny 2. With unique subclasses to experiment with, building up your space warrior can be an awarding experience. That’s why it’s essential to continuously upgrade your arsenal by means of modifications and deadly additions. One, in particular, is the Sheltering Energy mod that can generate Warmind Cells in battle from deceased foes. With the Season of Plunder coming to an end and Lightfall approaching, it might be a good time to collect some necessary equipment.

How to Get Sheltering Energy in Destiny 2

How to Get Sheltering Energy in Destiny 2

As with many items that appear throughout the seasons of Destiny 2, Sheltering Energy will randomly pop up in one of the shops, mainly via the gunsmith Banshee-44. To efficiently check its availability, you’ll have to visit his shop to see what he’s got in store. Items are always in rotation, so there’s no telling when Sheltering Energy will show up.

What makes this quite the desirable mod is its ability to create Warmind Cells that can provide an overshield for you and your teammates. It only lasts for 20 seconds, but you can add more charge to it by collecting the Cells from dead enemies. Keep in mind that you’ll need to use Seventh Seraph or Ikelos weapons for the effect to trigger. Once you do, your team will be able to withstand enemy firepower to a greater extent. It also requires a 5 Arc Energy cost, so consider your equipment when attaching the mod.

The Sheltering Energy is capable of keeping Guardians in the fight with aggression. While the Warmind Cell drop is by chance, the very presence of the mod drives the offense to clear away hordes of enemies with extra force. The Warmind Cells can be seen as resources of support to maintain shield capacity. You can’t stack the mod, but the cells will provide you with that combative edge to keep shooting and reloading.

It’s possible to see this mod appear sometime during the next season of Destiny 2, though. It commences on December 6, 2022, so only time will tell until the Guardians face their next threat.

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