Destiny 2 Skydock IV | How to Complete

There are plenty of lost sectors in Destiny 2, and more are being introduced as the game adds expansions. While normally easily accessible by the arch symbol on the map, there are a few Lost Sectors that try really hard to hide from sight. The Lost Sector in the Sunken Isles known as Skydock IV is the perfect example of a hidden Lost Sector. This thing is tough to find. So, if you’re having trouble pinning it down, you’re not alone! Let’s crack this thing open so we can get our hard-earned loot.

How to Complete Skydock IV in Destiny 2

How to Complete Skydock IV in Destiny 2

To find Skydock IV, head to the middle of the Cabal Crusier and drop down onto the orange-lit road. Take down the Phalanx and Legionaires in your way, then head for the open arc behind them. Drop down, turn left, head through that doorway, and then another doorway, and finally turn left into Skydock IV. From here, you can bust through the encounter by turning left and clearing through the three area Lost Sector.

Once you find the orange-lit road in the Sunken Isles, you’ve basically completed the Lost Sector. The Cabal Cruiser is located in the top left portion of the map, and the bridge is a barely visible line next to Echion Hold.

After you’ve gotten there, the rest of the area is a cakewalk. The Cabal enemies that they throw at you can be a bit overwhelming on a solo run, though. Keep calm and shred through shields so you can destroy the room quickly and easily.

The boss of the encounter, Devourer Darg, is annoying just for his heat-seeking missiles. Use longer ranged weapons to deal with him, or just take his head off with a well-timed super. Either way, you’ll find your loot behind the column in the back.

Lost Sectors are great farming points for some of the high-level loot! You can farm things like the Secant Filaments if you solo these on high difficulty. Or, you can go grab the Star-Eater Scales so you can kit out your hunter with high-damaging supers.