Destiny 2 Solar Ignition | What Is It?

If you’re looking to do some burn damage to enemies in Destiny 2, look no further than the Solar Ignition mechanic. It’s one of the most powerful flame attacks in all of Bungie’s dense sci-fi shooter, and is definitely worth looking into if your champion is all about fire weapons. It isn’t necessarily easy to get a hold of though, complicating the process ever so slightly. This is what Solar Ignition is in Destiny 2.

What Is Solar Ignition in Destiny 2?

What Is Solar Ignition in Destiny 2?

Solar Ignition is one of the fire move sets available in Destiny 2. More specifically, Ignition is one of various Solar attacks that you can configure with fire-based powers to cause extensive burn damage. These were recently overhauled in a new update, meaning Solar Ignition in particular has come back into the meta.

There’s no surprise behind it either, because it’s a very powerful move. Ignition causes an explosion, doing damage to any enemies within a fixed radius of the attack. More than just doing base damage, scorch damage can also hit enemies, causing more HP depletion over time. Even better, scorch damage stacks on enemies. Therefore, you could repeatedly perform a Solar Ignition attack, not only causing huge normal damage, but adding to the passive scorch damage each enemy faces. Eventually, each enemy will reach their scorch threshold and burst into flame, thus igniting. There you’ll deal another huge batch of damage – likely enough to wipe out even the strongest of monsters.

Of course, not all Destiny 2 weapons can use the Solar Ignition ability. You’ll need to sift through your armory to see whether a gun is applicable, or chat to in-game vendors to see if they have any compatible guns. As per ProGameGuides, it’s worth using the Prometheus Lens for a huge dose of scorch damage that will eventually cause enemies to combust.