Destiny 2 Sparrow | How to Summon

Destiny 2: Lightfall has just hit the shelves, and it brings a new realm of content to the MMO! Your guardian has never looked stronger, and the Strand damage type is a great thing to play around with. But, for new and returning players, some elements of the game might be a bit confusing. One of those elements that doesn’t come up often in Destiny 2 is summoning your Sparrow. This hoverbike is incredibly cool, but rarely used outside of navigating the basic hub. Let’s do a quick refresher on how to bring it out onto the field.

How to Summon Sparrow in Destiny 2

How to Summon Sparrow in Destiny 2

In order to summon your Sparrow in Destiny 2, you must first get to the quest “A Guardian Rises,” which lets you equip it in the menu. Then, you must open your Ghost with “Tab” and then press the “Summon Vehicle” button, which is E by default. For the PS4 controller, you use the touchpad to summon ghost and then Square to summon your vehicle. For Xbox One, the “View” button summons ghost and the X button summons your Sparrow. In order to access your vehicle, you must be in specific areas of the map, typically outside of dungeons.

There are many different skins for your specific hoverbike, all of which are equipped in the same menu. Most skins for sparrows are from Bright Engrams, rewards from season passes and some specific quests. When you get a Sparrow skin that you like, simply replace your old Sparrow with it. Then, when you summon it again, it’ll have the new appearance of your brand new bike.

Sparrows are a typically underused element of Destiny 2, but a critical one. Getting across the large maps of the game can be a slog without them. Popping open your Ghost is also helpful for tracking down quest objectives, changing them, or returning to orbit. Check your options and make sure that you have a key bind or control button for summoning the little guy. Otherwise, you’ll have to walk everywhere!

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