Destiny 2 Spider Location | Where to Find

Destiny 2 has a vast universe that often sees you journeying to the furthest reaches of its galaxy. That’s why finding one person in this gigantic playground of stars and planets can be a rather difficult task. That’s especially true if you’re trying to find Spider, who has been known to constantly change his home. Well, Spider has once again found a new home. Whether you want to pay him a visit, or deliver some Candy Dead Ghost for the Dawning event, here’s where you can find him.

Where to Find Spider in Destiny 2

Where to Find Spider in Destiny 2

You can find Spider in Destiny 2 at his bar the Ether Tank in the Last City. Specifically, here, you’ll need to head to the Eliksni Quarter Landing Zone, which you can only access through its own node in the HELM. However, you need to complete a couple of Season of Plunder quests to unlock the Eliksni Quarter Landing Zone, from the HELM. Those quests you need to complete to unlock the zone are the Salvage and Salvation quest.

Once you’ve completed these quests, head to the HELM and travel to the Eliksni Quarter Landing Zone. The Ether Tank bar, where Spider is located, is just ahead of the landing zone. You can make out the building by the Spider symbol blatantly on it. Head into the Ether Tank bar and Spider will be in a room to the left of the bar, sitting in a chair. Then you can sit down and have a chat with him, or pass off the Candy Dead Ghost to complete his quest for the Dawning Event.

Spider does like to change his location, however, he will remain at this spot in the Ether Tank until the release of the Lightfall Expansion in late February 2023. When that releases, he’ll most likely have to pack up his things and make his way to a new safe haven. However, until then you can easily find him at the Ether Tank.

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