Destiny 2 Star-Eater Scales | How to Get

Some pieces of armor will never truly leave the public eye. In Destiny 2, the leg armor that is still loved by old and new players are the Star-Eater Scales. This pair of pants is more than just a spiky fashion statement. It is a perfect super spam build item, an important option for the Hunter. It is one of the best options for the ranged DPS class, so you should really consider farming for it if you love Hunters. If you’re still looking for your copy of this great exotic, then you’re in luck!

How to Get the Star-Eater Scales Exotic Leg Armor

How to Get the Star-Eater Scales Exotic Leg Armor

The Star-Eater scales is a random drop from Legendary Lost Sectors on any planet. You will want to complete these on the Legend or Master difficulty, with Master giving you the highest chance for the exotic to drop. This is a rare item, unfortunately, so it will take a handful of Legendary Lost Sectors before you can get your leggings.

The Star-Eater scales empowers Orbs of Power during content. Each orb gives extra Super Energy, bonus Super Damage, healing when you cast the super, and an overshield when you are at maximum overcharge. These legs are damage, durability, and recover. They’re literally everything a hunter could ask for!

Thanks to community research from, we also have some numbers! Each orb grants 10% (4.17% for small orbs) Super. When fully charged, each additional orb grants an Overcharge stack. These stacks grant up to 70% Super Damage. At 8 orbs, you’ll heal for 200 HP and gain a 100 HP overshield. How’s that for a Golden Gun?

However, there are a few downsides. They’re reliant on Orbs of Power, which are realistically a PvE resource. Sure, you can gather some in PvP, but they’re less consistent. In PvE, however, you’ll be firing the most powerful supers in the land!

Want some weapons to go along with your incredibly powerful super? While these legs are still great, there’s a ton of new content in The Witch Queen to farm! You can get yourself a Chaperone if you want a slug shotgun or a Stormchaser for more traditional rifle gameplay.