Destiny 2 Strange Coins | How to Get

Destiny 2 has a new event, and this one is kind of rocking the world. This meta event is for Bungie’s 30th anniversary, and it’s as wild as you’d expect it to be. Not only do we get some fantastic references, but we even get a whole new map to explore. If that wasn’t enough, there’s one new currency that players are going to have to farm. This currency is called Strange Coins, and Destiny 2 players who want to get them quick might be left scratching their heads. So, if you want to farm these Strange Coins, we can give a helping hand!

How to Get Strange Coins in Destiny 2

How to Get Strange Coins in Destiny 2

You can only get the Strange Coins of Destiny 2 by farming events and activities on the Eternity map. Once you do the content on Eternity to a certain point and talk to Xur, you’ll be able to get coins from some instances. You can get them through Dares of Eternity runs, Vanguard Strikes, Crucible Matches, Gambit Matches, Heroic events, and Bounties. You can spend these coins at Starhorse in Eternity to gain some specific bounties and random pieces of legendary gear, Paraversal Hauls, or treasure keys.

Strange Coins are farmed quickly on Eternity, but can be done anywhere. Completing your dailies can be a quick and easy way to get there. However, maxing out on Strange Coins is  best done through Dares of Eternity runs and the Grasp of Avarice dungeon. These two bursts of content on Eternity are perfect for coin farming. Make sure you do your daily challenges here.

Otherwise, all events will give players some amount of Coins. You need seven for the Forerunner Exotic Sidearm, which should happen quite quickly. Afterwards, farming for random legendary loot can be extremely handy, or treasure keys based on what your inventory looks like. You can also get bounties to help farm out new loot types.

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