Destiny 2 Strange Key | Where to Use

The Strange Key is an ancient item in Destiny 2. Much like every quest item in the game, this one can very easily get lost. It’s just called the Strange Key, after all! If you’ve gotten this, you’re likely a bit confused as where you’re supposed to deliver it. And, trust us, you’re going to want to see this thing to its home. Let’s scrounge around and find it!

Where to Use the Strange Key in Destiny 2

Where to Use the Strange Key in Destiny 2

In Destiny 2, the Strange Key is part of the Magnum Opus questline with Xur in Eternity. It is obtained by completing the Strange Favor Rank of “Brave” and then purchasing it for free from Xur. If you have a Strange Key in your inventory, head to Eternity and get to the purple smoke in Xur’s Dominion. Once you find the small rectangular block in the right side of the Valley, you can interact with it to use the key and head into the tower.

To begin Xur’s questline, you’ll have to complete Dares of Eternity runs. These will grab you Strange Coins, which are needed to complete Starhorse Bounties. Try to choose ones that you can complete easily, as you just need to do three total.

Xur’s bounties get you ranks, so reach rank 4. Once there, simply buy the key from his shop. Don’t worry, it’s free!

If you haven’t gone to the Valley before, simply walk through Xur’s dominion and turn into a room with strange, purple fog.

The block in the Valley is hard to notice. It is within a small cluster of rocks on the right side. Specifically, it’ll be sticking out of the top of a smaller batch, at eye level. It is within eye sight of the spawn area, so don’t wander too far!

Once you’ve unlocked the rectangle, head to the crack back towards the start. It’ll be glowing purple, so you can just head into that and then follow the cave. You will have to do some parkour to get to the end, but then you’ll be able to get the Anomalous Object. Bring that to Banshee-44 and you’ll get the Forerunner Exotic. What a fun nod to Halo!