Destiny 2 The Immortal | How to Get

Destiny 2: Lightfall has recently touched down, and the race to get as many unique weapons as possible has begun. The exotics of this patch raise the bar for what we’re supposed to expect out of an expansion, and it’s exciting to see what the community gets for god rolls every single time. The Immortal is a submachine gun in Destiny 2 which promises to shake up the Kinetic slot.  This SMG has a fair few qualities that make it a top player in PvP. But, there’s still time to cook with it! Let’s learn how to find it and what rolls you should dig for.

How to Get The Immortal & God Rolls in Destiny 2

How to Get The Immortal & God Rolls in Destiny 2

The Immortal is a reward from the Trials of Osiris event in Destiny 2: Lightfall. If you want to get it, you’ll need to unlock it by either reaching a win threshold or reaching vendor rank 10 with Saint-14 in the tower. If you get to vendor 10, you can claim the SMG and focus the weapon by using Trials Engrams. The Immortal is notable for dealing Strand damage, the new damage type introduced in the new expansion.

You will have to grind the new Trials of Osiris event mode if you want to get your hands on this Strand SMG. Great news for PvP players! However, this gun is getting noticeable amounts of favoritism in the community. As one of the few Strand weapons in the game, its Aggressive Frame and high DPS are almost required to be competitive right now.

God rolls on the strand SMG are still being crafted, but a few things stand out. Corkscrew Rifling and Ricochet Rounds are your stat boosts, so you’ll want them. Rangefinder and Target Lock let you clear enemies from a safe distance. Field-Tested is your origin trait, since it makes killing sprees valuable.

If you’re wanting to clear PvE, replace your perks. You’ll want better mobility and DPS in early parts of the engagement, so Perpetual Motion and Ambush are better for you. We still like Target Lock, but Hatchling can also help clear rooms in PvE.