Destiny 2 | What Are Catalysts?

Destiny 2 is filled with so many side activities and special items that the game can become somewhat overwhelming for new players. Since the game incorporates many of its previous and present features all into one package, there’s a lot to become familiar with. While we do understand many of the mechanics, some players might not fully comprehend the nature of catalysts. Due to the rarity of their appearances, we can see why. Therefore, we’ll explain what catalysts do in Destiny 2.

What Are Catalysts in Destiny 2?

What Are Catalysts in Destiny 2?

Catalysts, or technically Exotic Catalysts, work like special modifiers that can greatly enhance the power of an exotic weapon. They were initially introduced in the Warmind expansion for Destiny 2, providing Orbs of Light after delivering multi-kills on the battlefield. But catalysts have since been reworked, and they’re presented in a somewhat different fashion for the current season. The only way to obtain catalysts is to play through their prerequisites in order to unlock their challenges. Completing the specific challenges with the respective exotic weapon will then fully unlock its adhering catalyst modifier.

If you plan on getting yourself a catalyst for your exotic weapon, you might want to employ some patience, Guardian. As aforementioned, these perks are rare to find, to the point where you essentially have to grind to find them. The Season of Plunder has seven new exotic catalysts for players to hunt down. Most of them can be acquired by playing Strikes, Gambit, and Crucible matches.

The two exceptions are Hawkmoon and Forerunner. Hawkmoon requires playlist activity participation, while Forerunner needs a certain 30th Anniversary Exotic Quest to be experienced first. You can find the requirements and any available catalysts in the Triumphs section under the Patterns and & Catalysts category in the menu.

How to Get Previous Exotic Weapons

In addition to the current weapons and catalysts, players can also obtain older exotic equipment. All they have to do is visit the Monument of Lost Lights at The Tower, and they can browse through all previous exotic firearms. Keep in mind that they’ll need Ascendant Shards, Glimmer, and Exotic Ciphers if they wish to make any purchases. A fourth necessity is also needed, and it mainly involves materials found throughout your journeys, such as Dusklight Shards, Helium Filaments, Spinmetal Leaves, etc. Players must also possess the expansions for these guns since they’re attached to the supplemental content.

We hope that answers any questions you might have had about catalysts. We have more Destiny 2 guides if you need some help around The Tower and beyond our solar system: