Destiny 2 | What Are Iron Banner Daily Challenges?

There’s a lot of stuff to do in Destiny 2. From all of the new content introduced in Season of the Haunted to the seven previous years of content, there’s just so much happening. Whether you’re new or returning to the game, the Iron Banner daily challenges will always be a bit of a headache. Because of how poorly they’re worded, these will never really be easy to understand. So, what is the Iron Banner? Why should you do them? And why is this week so damn annoying?

What Are Iron Banner Daily Challenges?

Destiny 2 - What Are Iron Banner Daily Challenges?

In order to complete the Iron Banner daily challenges for Destiny 2, you must complete specific tasks in the Crucible Gamemode. This is a Player Versus Player gamemode that is unlocked after you complete a few story missions. The daily challenges are actually weekly challenges, so you may have to wait a bit before you can continue them. For example, this week you simply have to brawl as a Solar or Void subclass in Iron Banner matches.

The Crucible is an option with Lord Saladin that you unlock early on. Simply talk with the man near the massive gong and you’ve got PvP. The basic game mode is 6v6 capture the flag.

Like many activity quests in Destiny 2, the Iron Banner challenges are designed to give you minor upgrades to your character. The weekly challenges do this in the form of Pinnacle Gear, which are fairly high Light-level gear options.

They will also boost your Rank for the Iron Banner, which is a self-contained system. You can turn in these points with Lord Saladin for rewards.

As long as you pick away at the weekly “daily” challenges, you will slowly level up your Iron Banner rank while also getting your character geared for the new content. However, you’ll need to check this option often!

That should teach you the basics of how Iron Banner Challenges work! We hope this helped. If you want more information about Destiny 2 and the new content that came out in the most recent season, we’ve got your back! Check out the new Fusion Rifle and Sword that you can get!