Destiny 2 | Where is Hawthorne?

The lore of Destiny 2 is extensive and deep, with some hugely developed characters. Given how expansive the open world is, it’s often easy to lose track of your favorites. One such example is Hawthorne, the sprightly vendor renowned for her iconic hawk companion. If you’re looking to find her to trade with her for rare items, we’re here to help. This is how to find Hawthorne in Destiny 2.

Where to Find Hawthorne in Destiny 2

Where to Find Hawthorne in Destiny 2

You’ll first find Hawthorne in Destiny 2 is during the main campaign. She’s in the European Dead Zone, at the Farm POI. It’s where you first encounter her and can trade, but she won’t stay there for long. In fact, Hawthorne constantly moves about as you play the game, meaning you’ll need to keep tabs on her whereabouts.

After the campaign is over, Hawthorne relocates again. However, it’s luckily only a one-time change, and the location she then goes to is where she’ll remain for the rest of the post-game. Head to the Tower, and on the mini-map look for the icon adorned by her face. Go towards the gunsmith, and roam around until you find the NPC called Ikora Rey. Luckily, Hawthorne is located in that exact spot, and you should be able to spot her with no hassle.

After you find her in the Tower, Hawthorne will remain there for the rest of your time with Destiny 2. You can speak to her to perform a specific range of transactions. Namely, you can spend Glimmer in exchange for new power gear, as well as a clan bonus to boost your level that bit more.

Hawthorne may not become your go-to Destiny 2 vendor, but it’s still handy to know where you can find her. She’s one of the more unique NPCs in the entirety of Bungie’s sprawling FPS, and now you’ll know exactly where she resides.