Diablo Immortal Player’s £100k Character Is Too OP For Matchmaking

Blizzard has made a lot of questionable decisions in recent years. Releasing Diablo Immortal as-is was seen as a mistake, and now there’s even more evidence to back it up. It has recently come to light that a dedicated Diablo Immortal can no longer effectively play the games after pouring enough money into it. Although the game does have many free-to-play aspects, a majority of players have put in something in order to make sufficient progress and actually enjoy the game. However, it becomes more apparent that people are losing more putting in than they are getting out.

Diablo Immortal Matchmaking Issues

Since its release, Diablo Immortal has been marred by a number of issues both technical and critical. Despite all the negative press the game has received, it has continued to generate money. Although some could say that’s at the cost of robbing players of the gameplay itself.

This is evident in the case of YouTuber jtisallbusiness, who decided to dedicate the majority of his channel to Diablo Immortal. In his commitment, he has paid a whopping £100,000 (roughly $120,000) to buff his Barbarian character to significant heights. This has had the unfortunate result of making the character so strong that matchmaking is unable to find suitable match. He’s effectively become too powerful to play with any other players.

While Diablo Immortal is the newest entry in the Diablo series, it possesses many of the qualities of its predecessors. Players create a custom character of a specific class to explore a fantasy realm of monsters, demons, and enemy players. With such a strong leaning towards PvP, competitive multiplayer became one of the main appeals of the game. Naturally, it’s the main motivation to strengthen characters. Grinding is made to be as slow and tedious as possible and so players would prefer to simply pay to get the strength they desire.

Diablo Immortal is shaping up to be the worst yet ironically the most successful member in the Diablo series. However, players who are willing to pay to play now have to deal with the risk that with great power comes great responsibility… that is if you can actually find a match at that point.