Disciples: Liberation Building Upgrades | How to Unlock

Unlike previous games in the series, Disciples: Liberation doesn’t have separate bases of operations for each of the playable races. Instead, there’s only one base of operations called Yllian, which you’ll be able to access at any time after completing the introductory section of the game. Admittedly, there’s not a whole lot to do in Yllian the first couple of times you visit. However, over time you’ll be able to unlock various building upgrades and blueprints that will give you access to new units, a marketplace, blacksmith, and more. Keep reading to find out how to unlock all of these building upgrades.

How to Unlock Building Upgrades in Disciples: Liberation

How to Unlock Building Upgrades in Disciples: Liberation

The main thing you’ll need to focus on throughout the game is upgrading your castle. The tier of the castle dictates the tier of all the other buildings in Yllian. In turn, castle upgrades are tied to your progression. Once you reach specific milestones in Disciples: Liberation you will be able to increase the Yllian’s castle by spending a certain amount of resources. Once the castle has been upgraded, you can proceed to upgrade other buildings to the same tier.

The second tier of building upgrades is unlocked pretty early on in the game. All you need to do is complete two of the four starting regions. The order doesn’t matter. Doing so will also unlock new classes for Avyanna. Meanwhile, to unlock tier 3 upgrades you’ll need to complete all four starting zones along with the next region, Veranto’or. Make sure to also recruit every companion along the way.

Finally, the tier 4 castle upgrade can only be unlocked much later on in the game. You’ll unlock that option after completing several additional regions. Including Wotan’s Grave, Atellean, the Path of Flesh and Flame, and The Lows.

As far as recruitment building upgrades are concerned, those have a couple of extra requirements. In addition to increasing the castle tier, you’ll need to gather blueprints by completing certain quests. Moreover, you’ll also need to raise your reparation with the appropriate factions.

As you progress through Disciples: Liberation, increasing your reputation with one faction will lower it with one of the other ones. Choose wisely the faction you plan to support. Maxing out your reputation with them is the only way to unlock their best units.