Disciples: Liberation Companions | How to Recruit

Companion characters are a very important part of Disciples: Liberation. Not only are they integral to the story but they also provide fantastic combat support and some occasional witty banter. There are a total of nine companion characters in Disciples: Liberation. Only eight of which need to be recruited. The ninth one is Orion and he’s already in your party at the start of the game. So no need to worry about him. With Orion out of the way, let’s talk about recruiting the remaining Disciples: Liberation companions.

How to Recruit Every Companion in Disciples: Liberation

How to Recruit Every Companion in Disciples: Liberation

You’ll need to complete the four starting regions to recruit the first set of companions. Disciples: Liberation companions can be recruited in any order. Here we’re simply listing them in the order we happened to find them. It’s worth noting that you’ll need to recruit at least two companions (in addition to Orion) to unlock the ability to change your class.


Travel to Grayleaf to activate the quest Forest of the Lost. Simply follow the quest marker and you’ll eventually stumble across Ejamar the Necromancer. After a brief battle with his forces, Ejemar will give you the quest A Throne Fit for A Queen, which involves finding four bodies for the Throne of Korsaal.

After returning their bodies to the Necromancer, you will be confronted by The Lost One. Regardless of whether you choose to fight or flee, The Lost One will send you to the Hall of Souls alongside Ejamar after the encounter. Speak to him there to recruit him.


Follow the main quest in The Whitelands to reach Strongpeak. Either by fighting your way through the Elven armies or by finding an alternate path up the mountain. Once there, look for Ormeriel, an Elven princess who is being held captive by her own people.

At first, Ormeriel will be hostile towards you and will attack your party. But just hold your ground for three rounds and you will automatically win the fight. After having proven your worth in combat, Ormeriel becomes a bit more cooperative and begrudgingly agrees to join your party


Follow the main quest A Spleen For A Spleen in Heurik to gain access to The Pits. Once the Spleen Collector vouches for you, talk to The Host inside The Pits to start the “festivities.” Defeat all the challengers and you will eventually have to square off against the current champion, Bagthal of Nothing, in a 1v1 duel. Win the duel and Bagthal will be so impressed by your combat prowess that he will join your party.


Your main objective in the Plains of Widows is to enter Castle Hale. However, when you arrive the castle gate is closed and the guard sends you east to speak with some priestesses who can grant you access. Once you get there, though, you discover that only one priestess is still alive, Corisandre. The priestess agrees to help, but only if you solve the mystery behind a beast known as The Ghost of the Veil. During the conversation, you can choose to either hunt down the beast or deal with some troublesome rebels instead. Corisandre will join Avyanna’s party upon completing either of these objectives.

To unlock all available Discisples: Liberation companions you’ll next have to travel to Veranto’or . You can find all four remaining party members in this region. Just like with the first four, they can be recruited in any order.


You first meet Sebastien at the start of the game but won’t be able to recruit him until much later on in Veranto’or. You can speak to the priest in the Empire Encampment where you learn that he doesn’t hold a grudge again Avyanna even though you tried to kill him. On the contrary. He asks you to help him track down the one who put the contract on his head. Someone known as The Designer. You can find the NPC standing in front of the Temple of Ashgan in the southeastern part of the region. Upon attempting to question him, Sebastien intervenes and a fight breaks out. Kill The Designer’s forces and Sebastien will join you on your travels.


Since you’re already in the area, travel a little way east from where you fought The Designer and you’ll run across a vampire elf named Sharlea in the Undead Necropolis. After a brief conversation, you learn that Sharlea is looking for her sister who might be hiding in the Elven camp. Unlike most of the other Disciples: Liberation companions, Sharlea doesn’t need you to complete a quest before joining up. Tell her you also have some business to attend to in the Elven camp and she’ll agree to tag along.


Make your way to the Demon Warcamp in the southwestern part of Veranto’or. There, you’ll find an imposing demon who goes by the name of Illmeren. Speaking with her reveals that she sent a group of postulants to retrieve an important package but they never returned. Illmeren wants to go retrieve it herself and asks to join your party so you can all go look for it at the Endworld Inn. Accept her request and she will become a permanent companion.


While you’re in the Demon Warcamp, find and speak to the imp calling himself Octric, Grand Master of the Red Sun. The demon tasks you with finding a “horrifying beast” named Malendrach so he can take his revenge on him. Octric tells you that this creature is currently being held prisoner in the Elven Camp in the northeastern part of the region. Make your way to the camp and enter the prison, only to find that the beast is actually just an elf druid. After an initial misunderstanding concerning your interest in him, and a subsequent fight, Malendrach stops being hostile can be recruited into your party.