Disney Dreamlight Valley Apple Cider Glazed Salmon | How to Make

Disney Dreamlight Valley is full of the tastiest food that a game could ask for. You can really craft a ton of different recipes from reality, thanks to the genius of Chef Remy! But, that doesn’t mean they all come for free. And some of them are needed for quests! If you want to fill out your cookbook, you’ll need to hunt down some really specific ingredients. One of these recipes with oddly specific ingredients is Apple Cider Glazed Salmon. This is a good three-star recipe, but can be a bit specific to farm. We can help you get it together!

How to Make Apple Cider Glazed Salmon in DDV

How to Make Apple Cider Glazed Salmon in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Apple Cider Glazed Salmon requires one Salmon, one Apple, and one Sugarcane. You can get Salmon from Frosted Heights. Apples can be picked from trees in the Peaceful Meadow or Plaza. And Sugarcane is located on Dazzle Beach, specifically in Goofy’s stall. Once you have one of each, you can cook this recipe at any oven or cooking station in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Apple Cider Glazed Salmon is one of the more specific three-star recipes in the game. This is because it specifically requires salmon, a fish that you can only get from fishing at Frosted Heights. You might need to fish a few times to get it, but you’ll find it eventually. It is not the rarest fish around!

The Apple isn’t too bad; you can pick that anywhere in the Plaza or Peaceful Meadow. The Sugarcane, though, can be a bit of a nuisance. You’ll need to pay up to Goofy on Dazzle Beach. You can buy the item straight-up, or you can buy seeds and start your own farm. Farming it takes longer, but improves your profits by a ton! And sugarcane is used for many, many different products!

Put all of those in a pot, and you’re ready to add a new recipe into a cookbook. Then, it’ll be easier to make this rather effective three-star recipe.

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