Disney Dreamlight Valley | Where to Find the Ball for Wall-E

During the Shy Little Robot quest in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you’ll speak to Mickey about bringing a ball to Wall-E as a gift to get him to move back to the Valley. Mickey is happy to help, but there’s just one problem — he can’t remember where to find the ball!

Where to Find the Ball for Wall-E in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Find the Ball for Wall-E

In Disney Dreamlight Valley, the missing ball for Wall-e is located behind the couch in Mickey’s house. Simply head inside and look behind the couch on the far wall and you’ll see the familiar Pixar ball. This is one of three gifts that you will need to find to finish the Shy Little Robot quest.

For the remaining gifts, you’ll need to speak with Goofy about finding a lost Sprout Boot and Scrooge McDuck about trading Garnets for a Fire Extinguisher. Once you have all three of the gifts, you can return to Wall-E’s realm and give them to him.

This will be enough to complete the Shy Little Robot quest and will prompt Wall-E to return to the Valley where he once lives. To finish up the quest, you’ll need to find a good spot for his home and pay Scrooge McDuck 2,000 Star Coins to build it.

If you don’t have enough coins, an easy way to get more is to go around to different fishing spots and hit all the orange and blue circles. These will pull rare fish which you can sell to Goofy for a lot of coins.

Once you’ve given Wall-E the ball and have constructed his house, you’ll be able to continue with the Wall-E questline and unlock more of his story.

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