Disney Dreamlight Valley Basil | Where to Find

Disney Dreamlight Valley welcomes players to a land of magical wonders from the first moment they step into the game. By the time they gaze upon the iconic castle, they know they’re in for an adventure. Yet, every now and then, players will need a specific item for a quest, a meal, or other purposes. Today, we’re going over the basil herb that we can stumble upon when exploring the land. It’s mainly used in recipes, especially when it comes to cooking something exquisite.

Where to Find Basil Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dreamlight Valley How to Get Basil

Players can find basil plants throughout the Peaceful Meadow region of Dreamlight Valley. It’s distinguished by its tiny appearance, but it possesses a minimal pulsating action to make it stand out. Presumably, this animation is done because basil is green, and every color in the game is extremely vibrant, including the grass. Therefore, it could be hard to spot at first once you notice a green plant with a slight jiggle. Once you can tell the difference in textures, you’ll be able to spot them in no time.

The appearance of the basil is not to be confused with the oregano plant. Oregano is also green, yet the stalks are longer than basil plants. They, too, do a little bounce to make them pop out from the rest of the green field. You might as well pick some up while fetching some basil in the process. More ingredients can always come in handy when cooking a meal. At one point, one of Goofy’s quests will require you to find some of the aforementioned plants.

Since basil is a herb, you can apply it to a variety of recipes that need a herb to give them that kick. If you cook basil on its own, you’re only going to end up with hors d’oeuvres, which won’t supply much energy for your character. That’s why it’s best to cook with Remy when you encounter him. He’s a skilled chef, and he’ll give you hints as to whether or not a food combination is any good. Pick some basil and bring some vegetables to start experimenting, and see what discoveries you can make at the front of the stove.