Disney Dreamlight Valley Black Passion Lily | Where to Find

Who doesn’t love flowers in Disney Dreamlight Valley? The colorful life simulator that features a variety of Disney and Pixar characters includes many blooms that you can forage. All biomes in the Valley grow their own particular kinds, providing different qualities that are used to build furniture. Whenever you pick up a new flower, the game will inform you of the latest creations you can put together. One such flower in mind is the Black Passion Lily, an ominous-looking blossom that can be a little tricky to come by. Here’s where you can find the Black Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

Where to Find Black Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Black Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Black Passion Lily is found in the Frosted Heights area of the Valley, growing among other lilies of different colors. This one will stand out from the rest since it’s a little harder to locate. Simply look for any flower that’s sprouting from the snow-covered ground with black petals. There’s a chance you might find more than one while you’re out in the Frosted Heights.

Picking up the Black Passion Lily will offer you only a few options. The first — and frankly best — option is to present it as a gift to one of your friends in the game. This works tremendously when you’re just increasing their Friendship levels from the very start. For some reason, flowers bestow a substantial amount of Friendship power that other gifts can’t distribute.

The second option to go with here is to utilize the flower for decorations at a crafting station. Upon scooping up your first Black Passion Lily, the game will share with you some new furniture items that you can assemble.

The following items are available once you pick up the flower:

  • Black Flat-Top Stove
  • White Gas Stove
  • Black, White, and Yellow Balloon Cluster
  • Red and Black Passion Lily Pot
  • Red, Yellow, and Black Balloon Cluster
  • Yellow, Black, and White Balloon Arch
  • Yellow, Red, and Black Ballon Arch

Your third option is the trading route with Goofy at one of his stalls. He’ll buy it from you for only 79 Star Coins. It’s a rather average transaction for a flower, but it’s there if you’re looking to grab some extra money.

In the end, we recommend sticking with the first two options for gifting and decorating. You’ll get more use out of it than merely resorting to a disappointing trade with Goofy.

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