Disney Dreamlight Valley Blue Passion Lily | Where to Find

Flowers blossom throughout all of the seasons and biomes in Disney Dreamlight Valley. No matter where you venture to and discover, you can always expect to find something marvelous sprouting from the ground. Once you pick up a new flower in the Valley, the game will then inform you of what you can craft with it. This guide will go over the vibrant and vivid Blue Passion Lily, another bloom from the Passion Lily family.

Where to Find Blue Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Where to Find Blue Passion Lily in Disney Dreamlight Valley

You can find the Blue Passion Lily by visiting the Frosted Heights area and searching for a flower with bright blue petals. It follows the same structure as the other lilies in the wintery area. Look for the familiar green stalk on the snow-covered ground with a blue top. This will be the Blue Passion Lily that you are looking for.

Once you acquire the flower, the game will reveal a few crafting recipes for you to check out. As with any flower that you collect in the Valley, you can assemble some incredible designs to put on display for the Disney and Pixar characters to see. Evidently, other resources are required for the following items, though they can easily be found throughout the Valley.

Here are the three creations that you can build via a crafting station:

  • Elegant Town Square Clock – 10 Blue Passion Lily, 200 Stone, 100 Hardwood, 30 Gold Ingot
  • Painted Wood Table – five Blue Passion Lily, 10 Dry Wood
  • Yellow, Red, and Blue Flower Disk – four Blue Passion Lily, one Round Soil Area, two Red Bell Flower, 4 Sunflower

If you aren’t interested in the decor scene, you can always sell the striking flower to Goofy at one of his stalls. He’ll only purchase it for 56 Star Coins, though, making it a rather underwhelming transaction altogether.

On the other hand, you can always take a peek at your Collection to see which friends are craving a lily for a gift. It’s always a worthwhile gesture since it can significantly increase their respective Friendship levels. In fact, flowers as a general gift (even when they’re not favored on a particular day) work wonders for everyone in the Valley. Especially if their levels are close to reaching 10, a single flower can provide a nice boost.

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