Disney Dreamlight Valley Bouillabaisse Recipe | How to Make

Goofy has quite a line of requests for the player to commit to in Disney Dreamlight Valley. We get to take pictures and catch some fish with him, but we also get to do some cooking! For this guide, we’ll be going over the Bouillabaisse meal and what it can be used for in the game. Of course, making Bouillabaisse is tied to a Goofy quest here, which we’ll look into with our provided notes below.

How to Make Bouillabaisse in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Bouillabaisse in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cooking Bouillabaisse is as easy as gathering a few ingredients and fish in the Valley. Bouillabaisse consists of two Seafood (any), one Shrimp, one Tomato, and one Vegetable (any). You have the freedom to toss in any food of your choice for the seafood and vegetable portions of the meal. What’s needed here is some Shrimp and Tomato, both of which are easily obtainable at the Dazzle Beach biome. Shrimp can be caught by fishing onto a ripple in the water. You can get Tomatoes from Goofy’s stall; 33 Star Coins per Tomato, and eight for a bag of seeds.

Once you have your required resources, return to either your Stove or Remy’s Restaurant to cook the meal in question. Next, toss the food into the pot, and witness your new creation come into culinary existence. The Bouillabaisse is a 5-star entree that packs in quite an amount of Energy and potential trade value. Consuming the meal will present you with 5,000 Energy points, making this a worthwhile recipe to learn. On the other hand, if you choose to sell it at one of Goofy’s stalls, you’ll receive 2,540 Star Coins. Both options are absolutely promising, and now you have a meal that is enjoyable from all corners.

As aforementioned, Bouillabaisse is something you’ll eventually cook up when progressing through Goofy’s questline. Specifically so, he’ll ask you to make two servings of Bouillabaisse for Mickey during his Dinner with a Friend quest. Assemble the food then give it to Goofy to complete Dinner the objective.

And now, you have the Bouillabaisse recipe in your Collection! Be sure to stick around for more meals that you can prepare in Disney Dreamlight Valley: