Disney Dreamlight Valley Carp Salad Recipe | How to Make

Tasty entrees can provide various benefits for the folks in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Some desire a meal to eat, while others prefer food as a gift, strange as that may sound. Nonetheless, when it comes to cooking entrees, the rewards can be beneficial, especially when goals are being met and Dreamlight is being achieved. That’s why we’re going over the 3-Star Carp Salad entree, a plate that is easily obtainable with the right ingredients.

How to Make Carp Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Make Carp Salad in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cooking Carp Salad is as simple as tossing one Carp, one Lettuce, and one Lemon onto the Stove. Producing the recipe in question will generate a value of 617 Star Coins, which can be acquired by one of Goofy’s trading stalls. Even though the trade value is rather low, the Carp Salad does provide 2,310 Energy points if you choose to eat it instead. It’s entirely up to you, but there are plenty of other worthwhile recipes that can give you some extra coin.

The necessary ingredients aren’t particularly difficult to find. You can fish for Carp in the Forest of Valor and Sunlit Plateau biomes. Search for the blue ripples in the water when visiting these areas, Carp merely reside within these spots. Additionally, if you’ve unlocked Moana’s fish boat on Dazzle Beach, there’s a good chance that some Carp might be waiting for you.

Lettuce can be purchased through Goofy’s stall in the Peaceful Meadow biome. He sells them as seeds for three Star Coins per bag, so you won’t be spending much for this transaction. Buy a few then plant the seeds at your preferred farming area. Lettuce only takes three minutes for it to fully grow, which gives you the opportunity to harvest some Lemon from either the Forest of Valor or Glade of Trust sections of the Valley. Once you’ve collected enough Lemon for yourself, return to the Lettuce and pick any available crops at your disposal.

With your assembled goods, go to a Stove to start cooking up the Carp Salad. You can always cook with Remy at his restaurant for a more rewarding experience. Now, you have another 3-Star entree to add to your Collection!

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