Disney Dreamlight Valley Carrot Soap | How to Craft

Kristoff has been in the woods for so long in Disney Dreamlight Valley that he’s in desperate need of a clean scent. He wishes to bathe himself with carrot soap, which will rectify that outside/Forgetting smell. It’s probably a byproduct of being lost within the Forest of Valor. But if he wishes to join the ranks of the Valley’s members, he’ll want to smell fresh and appropriate. That’s why we need to put together a carrot soap to flesh his scent out, but how do we do so? Keep reading onward to see how you can craft up some carrot soap for Kristoff in Disney Dreamlight Valley.

How to Craft Carrot Soap in Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to Craft Carrot Soap in Disney Dreamlight Valley

Essentially, to create carrot soap for Kristoff, you’ll need to assemble 12 Carrots and 20 Coconuts. But before you begin your journey with this special quest, you’ll need to progress with Maui from Moana’s realm. Every character possesses a threshold that will temporarily restrict you from progression unless you connect with your fellow Disney and Pixar friends. The main point of the game is to re-establish the well-being and wonderful nature of the Valley by destroying the Forgetting and welcoming back our favorite characters. In other words, check your quests to see where you can advance with whichever character you wish to interact with.

Helping Kristoff

If you’re still at a loss with the quest: Upon retrieving the burned logs at the Forest of Valor, you’ll then be tasked with grinding them into ashes at a Crafting station. These ashes will then be boiled down into lye, which will then be given to Kristoff before returning to Maui. It is here where you begin to craft the carrot soap itself. Maui will show you how to assemble coconuts after capturing an eel for him during his “Burning The Eel” quest. From there, you can work on your progress in acquiring coconut. It all plays a vital part in catching worms for your journey.

As for carrots, they’re one of the first crops you work with from the beginning, so that’s easily a no-brainer. They come in abundance when you’re clearing Night Thorns around the Plaza. As a last resort, you can always pay a visit to Goofy’s stand in the Peaceful Meadow for a quick trade when it comes to carrots.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is filled with adventure and opportunity, so we’re definitely sticking around with all of these amazing characters! Here are a few more guides to get you going in the Valley!